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We the people of St. Patrick's Catholic Community, through prayer and action, are committed to living the commission of Jesus, through open hearts and helping hands, as faithful stewards of each other and the world around us.
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Parish Leadership

Parish Pastoral Council

PPC Vision Statement - A Christ-centered parish offering community, belonging, and spiritual growth to all who enter.

The St. Patrick Parish Pastoral Council is committed to helping live out the mission statement of our parish. Our purpose and objectives as stated in our constitution are

  • To call forth a vision of the church - the people of God.
  • To develop a spirit of prayer among the council members and to model Christian leadership.
  • To listen and respond to the needs of the people.
  • To serve as a major instrument of planning, evaluation and pastoral renewal of the parish.
  • To gather the necessary data before making recommendations for the administration of the parish.
  • To develop and maintain a mission statement which embraces the total life and mission of the parish.
  • To work jointly with the parish staff and committees to make the parish truly a community of faith.
  • To fulfill the directives of the Norms for Parish Pastoral Councils of the Diocese of Green Bay.

Parish Pastoral Council Members: Mary Krueger - Pastoral Leader, Deb Galeazzi, Amanda Herzog, Jason Lee, Kathy Mitchell, Mike Ruelle, Katy Shaffer and Trustee Clay Quick.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee oversees the communication tools used and implemented at St. Patrick's. This committee hosts our twice monthly Bunfests and promotes our communication efforts including include our weekly parish bulletin, weeklyly e-updates, Media Message Board, monthly newsletter, Facebook, and this website. Joyce Naps is our Communication Coordinator.

Faith Formation Committee

Our Faith Formation committee is the driving force behind Faith Formation programming. Committee members are involved in all aspects of Parish Faith Formation - Children's Liturgy of the Word, Children's Faith Formation Classes, Youth Faith Formation Classes, Adult Faith Formation programming (including R.C.I.A.) and Intergenerational Programing. Natalie Carney is staff laison.

Finance Council

The Finance Council meets to review and oversee the finances of the parish, fundraising. They also prepare and monitor the annual budget. Members of this committee include: Pastoral Leader Mary Krueger, Chairman Judy Piel, Marge Page, Antoine Tines, Dick Voelske and Trustee Kristen Bergstrom.

Parish Events Committee

The Parish Events Commitee plans and implements nine parish events including parish Fish Fry's. They also host our September Pizza Party, Halloween Party for children, Octoberfest in downtown Appleton and our annual Christmas Sweet Cookie/Candy Walk held on the first weekend in December. Members of the Parish Events Committee are: Denise Gottschalk (chair), Ron Callan, Sue Callan, Cliff Herzog, Diane Huston, Deanna Krueger, Pat Schutten, and Pat Waldrop.

Respect Life Committee

The Respect Life Ministry exists to educate and raise awareness in our parishes (and beyond) of the dignity and sacredness of every human being from comception to natural death. This is a collaborative effort of all five Neenah-Menasha parishes. Prior to each monthly meeting, we pray the Rosary for Life in St. Patrick's Church at 6:00 pm.

The Respect Life Committee has sponsored an annual Change for Life baby bottle campaign and an annual Mother's Day Rose Sale. Proceeds are given to Wisconsin Right to Life for women in crisis pregnancies and for needed supplies for babies and their moms. We also write and distrbute a quarterly newsletter entitled Life Matters!

We seek to inform and educate on such life issues as abortion, stem cell research, euthanasia, capital punishment and chastity before marriage. If you have a passion for defending all human life, we invite you to come and join us. Please call Mary at 920-725-8381, x.102, for more information.

Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice Committee promotes social and economic justice through the church, and serves the parish as a catalyst for the work of Social Justice. Social Justice is the work of every baptized person and is the means by which we change policies, structures, and institutions so they work on behalf of the common good. The committee seeks to identify, formulate and implement Catholic social principles in areas of public policy and conflict involving the poor and powerless and lends support to persons or groups that work for the achievement of a more just and compassionate society.

Stewardship Committee

St. Patrick's has been a Stewardship Parish since 1994. The Stewardship Committee oversees the Stewardship effort at St. Patrick's. This effort include our Stewardship of Ministry process, our Stewardship of Finance process and our Stewardship of Prayer process.

Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy Committee serves to assist and enhance St. Patrick's liturgical celebrations throughout the Church year according to the scripture of each particular Sunday, the liturgical seasons, and our own parish customs. This includes preparing and beautifying the sanctuary for worship, tending sacramental vessels, altar hangings and linens, preparing for special worship and prayer opportunities and music selection. The committee coordinates the ministries of the sacristans, hospitality ministers, extraordinary ministers of Communion, lectors, environment and music. The committee is made up of parish staff as well as parishioners who share a love of the liturgy. The Liturgy Commitee meets at 6:00 pm on the first Thursday of every month. All are welcome to join us. Current members: Judy Piel, Beth Dachelet, Mary Krueger and Deacon Kurt Grube serve as staff liasons.